For gender equality in inheritance, service of the pre-calculation of Estate Tax can be used at the Tax Office.

In the past, there was gender inequality in inheritance; however, The Civil Code now stipulates that there is no gender difference in the inheritance rights of heirs; that is, both men and women have equal inheritance rights and can appeal to the Beidou Office,  National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area, Ministry of Finance.

If people have demands for  Estate Tax Declaration, the service of the Pre-calculation of Estate Tax can be used. After using the service, taxpayers who meet the criteria can receive the notification of the Pre-calculation of Estate Tax. Next, after confirming that the information is correct, taxpayers can sign up by web or submit it to a Tax Office counter. Taxpayers who meet the criteria should pay the Estate Tax according to the notification of the Pre-calculation of Estate. Taxpayers who  do not meet the criteria will receive the notification of the heritage list and must process their business for Estate Tax Declaration .A friendly reminder:Taxpayers will be charged with evading taxes if they do not pay any tax due within the allotted time.

If there are any doubts regarding the tax declaration of various income withholding (exemption) vouchers, please call our toll-free service number 0800-000321 for inquiries. The office will be happy to serve you.

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