Be Careful! Unpaid Taxes May Cause Restriction on Exiting the R.O.C., Disturbing Overseas Travel Plans During Lunar New Year Holiday

A 7-day Lunar New Year holiday is coming. For tax debtors being restricted from exiting the Republic of China (hereinafter “the R.O.C.”) but planning to travel abroad during the said holiday, don't forget to pay the tax due and fine, or furnish property equivalent to the tax payable as security in advance so as to ensure a smooth traveling experience without exit restrictions.

National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, Ministry of Finance (hereinafter “the Bureau”) stated that, under any of the following circumstances in accordance with Paragraph 3, Article 24 of the Tax Collection Act, the Ministry of Finance may request the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency to restrict the taxpayer or the responsible person of the enterprise from leaving the R.O.C.: 
I. An individual residing in, or a profit-seeking enterprise operating within the territory of the R.O.C., is in arrears with any tax or fine already determined to be a total amount exceeding NT$1 million in the case of an individual or NT$2 million in the case of a profit-seeking enterprise.
II. The amount of tax owed before the conclusion of the process of administrative remedy exceeds NT$1.5 million in the case of the said individual or NT$3 million in the case of the said profit-seeking enterprise.

The Bureau would like to remind taxpayers that the fastest way to lift  an exit restriction is to pay the tax due and fine, or furnish property equivalent to the tax payable as security. However, the restriction will not be lifted for partial payment of the tax due or installment payments approved by Administrative Enforcement Agency until the entire amount of tax due and fine is paid off. Therefore, those planning to travel abroad are strongly urged to pay in full tax due and fine as soon as possible, or furnish property equivalent to the tax payable as security, lest their travel plans be spoiled due to restrictions on leaving the R.O.C.

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