Incentives for Profit-seeking Enterprises to Upload Electronic Account Books

Minxiong Office, National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, Ministry of Finance (hereinafter “Minxiong Office”) stated that, profit-seeking enterprises that upload complete electronic account books or file via electronic media within the time limit for tax audit may enjoy the following incentives except for the cases of filing returns assessed and certified by certified public accountants, filing returns submitted by educational, cultural, public welfare and charitable organizations or institutions, current final reports on total business income and income earned from liquidation:
1.Profit-seeking enterprises are exempted from presenting the vouchers for audit, unless there are abnormal items.
2.For those who meet specific conditions after investigation, they will be exempted from being selected for audit for the following two years.
3.The authorities will designate an adviser to assist in resolving or providing guidance relevant to tax laws and practice.

Minxiong Office would like to remind profit-seeking enterprises that they can download the electronic account books application via “The e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Ministry of Finance” ( and upload the electronic account books or burn to disc and send it to the tax authority.

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