Taiwan's lower non-summer electricity rates to start Tuesday

Standard non-summer electricity rates will go into effect starting Tuesday and last until May 31, according to the state-run Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower).

Electricity rates in Taiwan have long been different in summer months (June-September), when power consumption is at its peak, and non-summer months (October-May).

Taiwan began charging higher electricity rates during the summer in 1989 to encourage users to reduce power consumption, and rates this year are 27 percent higher than standard rates during the non-summer months from October to May.

Consumers that use an average of 330 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month during the non-summer period will see their bills go down to NT$637 (US$20.89) a month from NT$695 a month during the summer months, based on Taipower estimates.

The cost of electricity is usually highest in the summer because generators that are more costly to run need to be put into service to meet the increased demand for power, according to Taipower.

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