People can use credit card to pay and also store e-invoices, and it’s convinient and eco-friendly.

Taichung Branch, National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area, Ministry of Finance states that, in order to make it more convenient for consumers to ask for cloud invoices, or e-invoice, these e-invoices could be stored in the credit card while the purchase is being made. There is no need for consumers to show other carriers but they are still entitled to the service of automatically checking on their cloud invoices for prize money and additional opportunities of getting exclusive bonuses for cloud invoice.
The branch points out that the Ministry of Finance is promoting credit card and other electric payment tools as e-invoice carriers. People who pay by credit card with e-invoice carrier function in specific stores (announced on the e-invoice Platform website) such as Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store or 7-eleven can store e-invoices in the card without any application procedure. If any e-invoice in the card matches the winning numbers, the card-issuing bank will inform the card owner. The owner can print the winning receipt out using the Kiosk machine in any convenience store in Taiwan. People who already have their own mobile barcode can link the credit card carrier to their barcode, and if they have created their prize-receiving bank account, the prize money will be transferred into the account automatically and they can also save stamp tax of four thousandths.
Furthermore, if consumers store e-invoices in credit card or other carriers, they can get additional winning opportunities, which are exclusive to cloud invoices, including NT$2,000 additional prize for 15,000 winners, NT$1,000,000 special prize for 15 winners. Please feel free to call us at 0800-000321 or go to the website of the E-invoice Platform( If you have any related questions, we are pleased to be at your service.
(Released by Taichung Branch, National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area, Ministry of Finance. Contact person: LIAO, Ching-Yuan. Tel:04-22588181 ext.338)

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