Taiwan ranks No. 8 in Asia-Pacific women entrepreneurs index

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan ranked No. 26 among 57 countries in the world, and No. 8 in the Asia-Pacific region, where women entrepreneurial activities flourish with a supportive environment, according to a report issued on March 7, the day before International Women's Day.  

Among 57 countries studied for the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE), New Zealand retained its top ranking for the second consecutive year, with an index score of 74.2, followed by Sweden and Canada. Singapore took the top spot among its Asia-Pacific peers, followed by Australia and the Philippines. 

The index results suggest that women entrepreneurs appear to thrive better in wealthy and more developed economies, which scored higher in terms of women's knowledge assets and financial access, and entrepreneurial conditions. According to the report, two thirds of the top 30 countries are high-income, seven are upper-middle income, and three are lower-middle income, while there are two exceptions to the trend - the Philippines and Vietnam, which come with surprising scores of 68.0 and 65.5, respectively, outperforming Taiwan's 63.6. 

Taiwan moved up one spot to No. 8 among 15 Asia-Pacific economies from last year, but it stood out in the sub-index of "the supporting entrepreneurial conditions," ranking No. 13 in the world and No. 3 in the Asia-Pacific region, behind Singapore and Hong Kong. The gauge of supportive entrepreneurial conditions comprises four indicators: ease of doing business, cultural perceptions of women entrepreneurs, quality of governance, and entrepreneurial supporting factors. 

The top 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region scoring highest in the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs are: Singapore (score 69.2), Australia (68.9), the Philippines (68.0), Thailand (65.8), Hong Kong (65.8), Vietnam (65.5), Taiwan (63.6), China (62.5), Indonesia (62.4), and Malaysia (61.9). 


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