Foreign Passengers Purchase Goods Eligible from The Authorized Stores May Go to The Authorized Downt

National Taxation Bureau of Kaohsiung, Ministry of Finance(M.O.F), states thatin order to provide convenient tax refunds and services, promote the development of the tourism industry, and improve international image, M.O.F has authorized a private company-- Enterprise Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom Co. (Chunghwa Telecom), to provide foreign passengerss with the e-service for VATrefunds by following international practice since May 1, 2016, andsimultaneously carried out The authorized downtown VAT refund services”.

Since September 1, 2017, M.O.F has widened the range of the authorized downtown VAT refund services. During their stays in Taiwan, foreign passengers could obtain “Application Forms” for claiming VAT refunds after they have purchased eligible goods from the authorized stores, and they can apply for the refunds at the authorized downtown counters at Taipei 101, Zhongxiao store of SOGO Department Store, Xinyi Place A8 of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, and Han Shin Department Store in Kaohsiung, respectively. It is more convenient for foreigners to have the refund, and it encourages foreign passengers to shop again so as to provide more business opportunities for the areas. In addition, for the details of the tax refunds service mechanism, please visit the website ( or call Chunghwa Telecom’s toll free service hotline at 0800-880-288 for personal assistance.


Contact: Ms. Liou, Revenue officer of the forth Examination Division

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