The National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area invites you to enjoy “Ye Ling-Jun’s Art Exhibition

 “Ye Ling-Jun’s Art Exhibition” is presented  on the 9th floor at The National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, Ministry of Finance, from July 12th to September 22nd,2017. There are Western paintings and multi-material mosaic creations in this exhibition, and all of you are most welcome.

The Bureau indicated that Ms. Ye has been engaged in painting and teaching for more than 20 years. She loves natural scenery and flowers and is enthusiastic about the art of mosaic creation as well. Furthermore, she crossed into the field of public art in recent years and won the best public participation award of the fourth public art prize of the Ministry of Culture in 2014.

The Bureau further expressed that the artworks in this exhibition, including paintings and multi-material mosaic creations, are shown in a variety of forms such as planar, semi-dimensional and three-dimensional so that viewers could appreciate and feel them from their own viewpoints. Please come along and enjoy these masterpieces.

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