The refund for aliens’ individual income tax has been transferred into taxpayers’ accounts on August 1.

The refund for individual income tax has been prepared recently. Minxiong office, National Taxation Bureau of Southern Area indicated that the refund for 2017 aliens’ individual income tax has been transferred to taxpayers’ accounts on August 1 if a deposit account has been provided. Taxpayers should pay attention to their rights.

  Minxiong office offers two ways to handle aliens’ individual tax refund.One is for taxpayers to be notified to pick up their tax refund check and then take it to a financial institution to redeem.

  The other preferred way is through an NT-dollar deposit account.

  Minxiong office further explains that if you have already filled in a financial institution or post office NT-dollar(NT$)deposit account number of the person, spouse, or a dependent relative when filing your individual income tax return, the tax collection authority will have transferred the tax refund into the designated account on August 1.

  For any inquiries, you are welcome to call our toll-free phone number 0800-000321 during office hours(Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and a specialist will be assigned to assist you.

Press Release Contact: Mrs. Xiao, Head of Individual Income Tax Section.
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