The first batch of direct deposit refunds for the 2017 Alien Individual Income Tax will be made on August 1, 2018

 The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance(NTBT), states that for those foreign taxpayers chose direct deposit refunds while filing 2017  Individual Income Tax, the first batch of tax refunds will be deposited to designated accounts on August 1, 2018.
  NTBT states that a foreign taxpayer can receive individual tax refunds in 2 ways. One is by receiving treasury check. After the  income tax reutrn is assessed, the national taxation bureau will issue a tax refund check, and send a notification or the refund check to the taxpayer for collection. The taxpayer can cash the check at the financial institutions. The other is by direct deposit. If a TWD deposit account number at the postal office or a financial institution of the taxpayer, spouse or the dependent in the  tax return is provided when the foreign taxpayer files the tax return, national taxation bureau will deposit the tax refund to the designated account. If the direct deposit fails, national taxation bureau will issue a refund check and post a refund notification to the taxpayer.
  NTBT pointed out that receiving tax refund by direct deposit has many benefits.  It can reduce the cost of receiving and cashing checks and the risk of lost check. NTBT encourages foreign taxpayers to use direct deposit for tax refund, which is more convenient and safe.
(Liaison:  Division Head Lin, Services Division; TEL: 2311-3711, ext. 1130)

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